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About Us

Digital Telehealth Solutions was created in an effort to keep patients healthy and out of the hospitals. We believe that by keeping Doctors informed by connecting their patients to our platform, utilizing our devices they can have direct access to their care.

We begin by identifying the population of Diagnosed Related Groups to begin the process. Then, assigning, deploying and engaging with the patients and Doctors. Lastly, we interact and intervene with the appropriated measures to communicate with the patients and Doctors.

We believe in technology and facilitating this kind of value in health care. By integrating digital technology that is a part of our everyday lives, Medicine will be able to lower the number of hospital admissions and substantially reduce costly readmissions. Our goal is to “Be in the circle, Be connected.”

Benefits of our Scalable Solution:

Digital Telehealthcare Solutions has been developed to meet the requirements published by Medicare for Chronic Care Management program. The built-in documentation retention capability and logging of user activities helps in compliance with MACRA.

  • Enables staff to identifies all Medicare patients with two or more chronic diseases.
  • Built-in capability to capture time spent with patient on calls or time spent by others program participating practitioners.
  • Built-in functionality that allows staff to develop health goal based on patient conditions and document session notes.
  • Capability to attach third party generated documents for audit purpose
  • Identify patients who are eligible but haven’t registered for the program
  • Close to month-end ad-hoc reports can be generated to identify patients with whom
  • Considerable time has been spent during the month, but 20 minutes threshold is not met.
  • At the month-end ad hoc reports can be generated to identify patients that have received 20 minutes or more of CCM services for billing purposes.
  • Has built-in capabilities to submit bills for processing

Our Mission

Our passion is to help patients remain healthy while enabling practitioners to grow their practice and increase revenue. Our solution: manage the CCM process for physicians by providing the operational structure and credentialed medical staff to perform outreach to patients in their home.

Our Team

Our team consist of seasoned RNs, and CMAs. They will form a bridge between you and the patients. This staff augmentation model lessen the burden on your staff from additional work, and frees them to concentrate on in-office visitors.

Is Digital Telehealth right for you?

Whether you are looking for Chronic Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, or Transitional Care Management our primary efforts are always keep patients healthy and connecting doctors and patients to provide better care. Contact us to see if Digital Telehealth is right for you.

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